The concept of peace has become synonymous with development. It is a confirmed statement to say that nothing moves without PEACE, thus individuals, groups, organizations and nations that are purposeful and futuristic support peace building and peace making and work for breeding a Generations For Peace.


It is in upholding this Legacy that HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein of Jordan set up Generations For Peace to run dedicated peace programmes to empower, train and support leaders of youth from conflicted communities around the world to use the power of sport to unite children from all sides of their divides; to transform the lives of children and youth and to enable communities to recognize that they have the power to actively develop peaceful co – existence today and future generations.


As a Generations For peace pioneer inNigeriaI stand firm to say that it is an idea whose time has come and a brand you cannot ignore. Sport is a universal language spoken by all and understood by much more. It gives you an acceptable platform for entrance into communities and homes thus what better tool can you use to break the ice among conflicting communities.


Last year 2007 participants from seven nations participated in the generations for peace pilot camp where they learnt the skills to run peace programmes and cascade their learning back home. In 2008 nine new nations sign up for generations for peace. The global initiative this year brought together 71 delegates from Asia and African countries including Iraq, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Palestine, Lebanon and Afghanistan, who participated in the 2007 camp, and new comers Sierra –  Leone, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Lesotho, Cote D’Ivoire, Togo and Liberia. Jordanians participated as host country but nominated by numerous social development organizations; and the rest of the delegates by UNDP and UNICEF offices, OlympAfrica, National Olympic Committees and the British Council.


As a peace worker and one of the generations for peace pioneers inNigeriaI am quite inspired by the impact peace through sport has made. The recent Jos crisis was quite heart breaking; it happened while we were in Amman for the 2008 camp, with all efforts and works that has gone into building peace and relationships in Jos since the 2001 crisis it is really disheartening to see a re occurrence but we won’t be discouraged rather this will be a push for us to do more, it will be an impetus for intervention in Plateau state. Already we have had an interfaith training with selected participants representing faith based organizations and non governmental organizations based in Jos. There is still a lot to be done from January to build trust and relationship, thus we will be working to create a generations for peace not just in Plateau but the whole nation. It is our responsibility towards the coming generation. We are promoting peace promoted by sports.


While generations for peace was launched in 2007 to widespread global acclaim, 2008 has seen the dynamic initiative grow by immeasurable proportions. With more camps set to be rolled out in later years, generations for peace appointed Octagon to manage the acquisition of commercial partnership to further its ambitious goals.


The appointment is a further indication of the global ambition of generations for peace to bring together hundreds of thousands of children and young people in communities who need it most.


Fourteen Nigerians were at this year (2008) camp thus came back as generations for peace pioneers and will be expected to cascade their learning in the communities to contributing to the global initiative and upholding the dreams and focus of HRH Prince Feisal in creating a generation for peace.