Alternatives to Violence Workshop

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Alternatives to Violence Workshop

In a context of worrying levels of violence across religious and ethnic divides and the devastation left by the insurgency, it is necessary to find ways of encouraging and helping the people of Northern Nigeria to live together more peacefully, and develop increasing levels of mutual understanding and relationships.

To this end, a Basic AVP workshop was held in Jos from 6th to 8th August, with 26 participants from Kenya, Yobe, Bauchi, Gombe, Adamawa, Plateau and Kano States.

Participants were selected to include both Muslims and Christians, men and women and people from different ethnic groups.

Lasting three days, it covered various topics linked to non-violent conflict resolution, including definitions of conflict and violence, various affirmation exercises to build self-esteem and community, notions and techniques of alternatives to violence, conflict analysis, Transforming Power.

The response to the workshop was overwhelming.  The participants really enjoyed the novel, inter-active and participatory methodology employed and the topics covered.  Above all however they formed strong and affectionate relationships across the various divides and were amazed at how this was possible across divides that they had always been told could not be bridged.

The workshop was funded by Global Center on Cooperative Security