Carefronting Nigeria: Follow-up on 10 communities in Yobe State with Plan International

Carefronting Nigeria: Workshop with Staff and Partners of Sharing Education and Learning for Life (SELL) Foundation, Nigeria

Carefronting Nigeria: Workshop with Plan International for 10 communities in Yobe State

Carefronting Nigeria: Building Resilience and Self-care with SELL Foundation

Carefronting Nigeria: Final workshop "Building Resilient Communities in Kenya and Nigeria" Abuja. Nigeria

Carefronting Nigeria: Visit to ECOWAS Commission with various Civil Society groups from Kenya.

Carefronting at The United Nations

Carefronting at The United Nations

Working with Children Who Have Suffered Traumatic Events

Alternatives to Violence Workshop

Youth Peace building Academy

Preventing and Transforming Violent Extremism (PTVE)

Community cohesion, forgiveness and reconciliation workshop

Basic trauma consciousness and resilience workshop

Advanced TCR

Chibok Intervention

United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute