Advocacy, sensitizations (media), counseling, training, capacity building, research, publications and consultancy.


  • Training on Preventing and Transforming Violent Extremism (PTVE)
  • Training on Trauma Consciousness and Resilience
  • Training on Community Trauma Healing
  • Promoting Inclusive Security
  • To train people on promotion of peace i.e. non-violent interventions, non-violent communications, mediation, alternatives to violence, conflict mitigation, abatement and resolution, interfaith dialogue, interfaith peacebuilding, disaster preparedness etc.
  • Research
  • To promote full participation of women and youths in all sectors of national development.
  • To increase awareness on the need and importance of “girl child education”, the welfare of Teenage mothers (who are school drop outs), basic health training, HIV/AIDS advocacy and awareness etc.
  • To promote self-reliance in women and youths through skill acquisition trainings.
  • To advocate for gender rights as binded by national and international conventions/bills.
  • To carry our research and publications on conflict resolutions and gender related issues.
  • To organize workshop, seminars and conference, on matters related to our objectives.
  • To support, collaborate and network with agencies and organizations that have similar objectives.