The Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) Facilitators Exchange Program in Nigeria: Between AVP USA and AVP Nigeria was hosted by Carefronting – Nigeria.

While In Kaduna the facilitators visited some schools to meet with teachers working with children.

One of the facilitators is very experienced in Creative Conflict Resolution for Children (CCRC) the schools visited are First Step Schools, Nazareth Schools, School Sense and LEA Barnawa.

Advocacy Visit to Kaduna State Media Corporation (KSMC) and met with the MD/CEO Tamani Yusuf, thereafter they participated in a live program on radio

Advocacy Visit to New Nigerian Newspapers.

We had a workshop and meeting with AVP Facilitators in Kaduna and discussed how to move AVP forward.

In Kaduna we concentrate on doing community workshops which is quite expensive to run, the visiting facilitators talked about Prison workshops and its merits.

We also realised its economic advantage as it is cheaper to run workshops in prisons.

The facilitators are quite charged up and willing to move, we hope to have a prison workshop in Kaduna soon.

We also visited the Nigeria Prison Service Headquarters in Abuja and met with the Deputy Controller General (who is the second in command In prison administration in the whole country). He was quite happy with the visit and brief meeting and assures of his support to see AVP happening in all the Prisons in the Country.

He gave his word that when next they visit they will do workshops in Prisons.

We also traveled to Jos, Plateau State.

In Jos we had a Mentors Gathering (workshop emphasizing process, approach and techniques of facilitating AVP workshops) with AVP facilitators.

We also had a platform in the Jos Main Convict prison and the inmates were quite excited at having AVP happening.

Then travelled to a neighbouring state for the weekend and spent it in a wild life park. We unwind with going for a safari and swimming at the warm spring.

We traveled back to Jos where we had a workshop for representatives of 17 communities (Christians and Muslims) and ended up with a Trauma awareness workshop.

It was a very transforming experience for all and I bet we will do it again as it was really beneficial to us. Our facilitators were quite enthused and encouraged by the experience.

The facilitators are Winston, Toby Riley, Mary Catherine, Amel, and Carmen Hamilton.

The exchange was hosted by Carefronting Nigeria and supported by the embassy of the United States of America, Abuja.