.The workshop was aimed at empowering the participants to most importantly recognise their Trauma and gain knowledge and skills to be able to facilitate trauma healing within their organisations/groups and their communities at large.


Specific Objectives of the training include:

  • ·Help people to recognized and understand trauma
  • · Learn to deal with trauma
  • · Learn processes to help heal the trauma
  • · Understand that life continue after a traumatic event
  • · Understand the trauma of others
  • · Develop support group

The workshop started with the presentation of the road Map that is;

AVP—Affirmation, Cooperation, Trust and Community Building– Transforming Power

TRAUMA HEALING—Safety, Remembering (Not Reliving), Reconnection, Community Building—- Transforming Power

Exercises covered during the workshop included:

Community building, daily stress, Traumatic Stress and Techniques for Coping, healing, reaction to Stress, self care. Working with memories of loss and trauma, Loss, Greif and mourning, Expression of strong emotion (Strong feelings in the workshop), Physical discharge of Emotional stress, Stories of Trauma, Long term reaction,  Common immediate reaction to a traumatic event, source of anger, a good listening companion. Secondary Trauma, Anger response, shame etc.

The training came to a end with a tree of commitment/trust with all the participants placing their seed and what they expect to see in their lives and that of others in their communities.