The Healing Hub, a radio trauma counselling phone-in programme airing on Invicta 98.9 FM Kaduna every Friday beginning January 2022, is a production of Carefronting Nigeria as a program of the Partnership For Peace Project (P4P) with funding support from LEGASI/Peace Direct .The programme comes on air every Friday from 6:30 -7:00 pm.

The Healing Hub was designed to address the gap in most peacebuilding interventions. Most practitioners do not integrate Trauma Education, Trauma Consciousness and building Resiliency in projects. Trauma affects us in more ways than we can easily notice and it further creates deeper psychological and emotional issues for victims and their social structures. When communities experience mass atrocities like we are having now in the north west, it becomes traumagenic and when interventions don’t address the trauma, the people have a higher tendency of craving vengeance, grudge, oiling the cycle of violence and manifesting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in later life.



When loss has to do with bereavement people don’t recover easily. Grief is the strongest point to deal with compared to loss and mourning. Mourning is a cultural thing, it is the way we manifest our grief and it is different across various cultures. Because of its significance when people are able to mourn it helps them with closure, acceptance and healing over their loss. The shock that comes with grief sometimes numbs people especially when you are hopeful of their recovery. Irrespective of how people are prepared for the loss it does not take away the shock, pain and effects it brings with it. Grieving is as personalised as persons fingerprint so it varies from person to person. Mourning is usually associated with our faith, tradition, culture or environment. Some scrape their hair, don’t take their bath, cultural dances but most importantly when people are able to mourn their dead it makes it easier for them to move on.